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7th June 2024 Networking

Networking & Group Coaching

Join our Personal Board Networking & Group Coaching event series to extend your network to connect with people who can help brainstorm and accelerate your goal progress.

This is your chance to put Personal Boards into action by attending a Networking & Group Coaching Session hosted by me, Emma Maslen.

This one-hour 9am - 10am networking includes:

- A short topic focus from Emma Maslen

- Guest 'networker' i.e. head hunter or industry expert

- Round table introductions, group coaching and brainstorming

We register just 12 people for these events to ensure everyone gets a useful connection or two.

Price is £40 per session or see our bundle offer to get the Book + Workbook + 1 x Networking session for just £49.

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What People Are Saying:

I got so much out of Emma's personal board webinar. Firstly, it's a really interesting and innovative concept that I wish I had discovered years ago. I haven't come across it anywhere else. As a founder I've started implementing some of her suggestions and I can see how powerful it's going to be for the business's (and my) growth. Secondly, Emma is a great speaker. She understands that time is precious and packs in a lot of content and practical tips so that you get as much out of the session as possible. Highly recommended.

Laura Harnett - Founder

Five stars! I really enjoyed the build a personal board webinar. The presentation was informative, very helpful and delivered in an interesting way. I hadn’t heard of the ‘personal board’ concept before and although my job role is not within the corporate world, it really got me thinking and I feel this is something anyone could benefit from in their career – whatever the field.

Jules White - Founder

I joined Emma's Personal Board course at a time when I was considering pivoting my business. The structure of the advice was a fantastic impetus to building my own personal board which is now fantastic support to both myself and my business. I'd recommend this course to anyone looking for direction in personal development whether working for themselves or a corporate.

Lucy Woolfenden - founder

The concept of a Personal Board was alien to me. However, it has now become apparent that it could play a critical role in achieving my career vision, especially now that I am pursuing a portfolio career.

Tribeni Chougule - Diversity Leader