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Emma Maslen, author of The Personal Board of You Inc. Achieve your personal and professional goals faster.

Hi, I'm Emma Maslen.

Leaving school at 16 with just GCSEs, I went to work for Gossards in Leighton Buzzard as an administrator. Working my way up job to job, at 20, I found a passion for sales and customer success which led to closing million dollar deals with investment banks in the technology sector.

From there, I have led several businesses within the industry, working for household names such as Sun Microsystems, BMC & SAP. I am now CEO of my own sales consultancy, training and coaching business - inspir'em.

My financial success allowed me to diversify into helping female-founded businesses with funding by becoming an angel investor through Angel Academe in 2018.

Attributing my career success to the network seeded in the early stages of my career and fostering throughout the last 25 years in business, I now work with individuals, start-ups, scale-ups and large enterprises to coach their teams to higher growth.

I've written 'The Personal Board of You Inc' to share career strategy advice that I have given many others over the years.

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Emma Maslen Author
Emma Maslen Author
Emma Maslen Author
Emma Maslen Author
Laura Harnett - Founder, Seep

Highly recommended!

It’s a really interesting and innovative concept that I wish I had discovered years ago. As a founder, I’ve already started implementing some of Emma’s suggestions and I can see how powerful it’s going to be for both the business’s growth... and my own! 

Laura Harnett, Founder, Seep

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