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Elite Business

Four steps to design a personal board in 2024


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Exceptional Sales Leader

Building your Personal Board with Emma Maslen


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How to create your own personal board of directors


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Chartered Management Institute

Five tips for cultivating an innovative mindset


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Secrets of the High Demand Coach

The power of a personal board of advisors with Emma Maslen


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Yahoo Finance

Women aren't just hitting the 'glass ceiling', they're stumbling on 'broken rungs'


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World Online Networking Day 2023


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Association of AMBAs

Networking now: how to start building meaningful connections


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The HR Director

What's at the heart of happiness at work?


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We are the City

Inspirational Woman: Emma Maslen | CEO & Founder, inspir’em


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D&I Spy

Emma Maslen: Can networking harm or enhance your career?


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Young Upstarts

Networking to plug entrepreneurs' skills gaps


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Startup Nation

Why every good network should evolve over time


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She Can Code

How to invest in your network in the tech industry


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HR Coffee Time

How a Personal Board can help solve your challenges at work


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Stylist Magazine

7 ways to start building your career back-up plan, according to experts


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Business Chief

Why you need a personal boardroom (and how to build one)


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Academy of Executive Coaching

The guiding principles for selecting your Personal Board members

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Talented Ladies Club

What is a Personal Board, and how can you build yours?


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Authority Magazine

Female Founders: Emma Maslen of inspir ’em ltd On The Five Things You Need To Thrive and Succeed as a Woman Founder.

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How your network can help you review your personal brand

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'5 Ways Leaders Can Protect Their Wellbeing in Stressful Times


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Emma-Maslen_The-personal-board-of-you_Bold-Ambition-Magazine-Book-Review Read the article
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Emma-Maslen_angel-investor_the-Times-Q&A Read the Q&A
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Emma-Maslen_Tatler-Asia_how-to-find-a-mentor Read the feature
Emma-Maslen_We-are-the-city Read the article
Emma-Maslen_angel-investor_5-things-before-investing Read the article
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Emma's book, 'The Personal Board of You Inc' discusses the concept of a Personal Board to allow professionals to accelerate their achievement. In addition, Emma's other areas of expertise are:

  • Creating a Personal Board of Advisors
  • Career development
  • Leadership & teamwork
  • Angel investing
  • Sales & Commercial Success
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Emma's Personal Story of Success.
Emma Maslen. Author of The Personal Board of You Inc.

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If you are interested in featuring Emma Maslen or her book, 'The Personal Board of You Inc.' then you may find this media pack helpful. It contains:

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For any media enquiries, please contact Emma at [email protected].

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