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The Personal Board of You Inc.

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Emma Maslen, author of The Personal Board of You Inc. Get promoted.

My journey on becoming an author

Over the years, despite holding down a full-time job, I seem to have also acquired the role of part-time career advisor, something that I've found to be very rewarding. I've acquired this role, because I'm open to listening, working through problems and helping others find their way, making the career progression path clearer and easier to navigate.

I too have been a receiver of advice and support through my Personal Board of advisors and have appreciated all the guidance I have received. I like being able to give back and I get a huge boost from seeing people accomplish what they have set out to achieve. However, there is only one of me, so by writing this book, I hope that I will be able to help many more people in the future to get promoted, get that pay rise or change career direction.

The topic of this book stemmed from an article that I wrote back in 2018 which introduced the concept of having a Personal Board of advisors. This article ended up going viral, showing me that it's a topic that people were interested in. I thought that if I wrote a book sharing advice that I have given many others over the years, I would be able to help more people than I ever could on a one-to-one basis.

I'm sure like many other new authors, the writing of this book hasn't been plain sailing and has taken three years to get to print. I first had to learn how you go about writing a book and finding a publisher, so I practised what I preach and reached out to my support network to get guidance and now here I am launching my first book. 

I hope you find the book useful in progressing your career and achieving your goals.

The Personal Board of You Inc. | Book & Workbook to accelerate your goals

Signed Book & Workbook

Signed paperback and accompanying workbook.

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The Personal Board of You Inc. | How to recruit the best personal advisors to accelerate achievement | Paperback

Signed Book

Signed paperback.                                  

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The Personal Board of You Inc. | How to recruit the best personal advisors to accelerate achievement | Kindle Edition

Kindle Version

Available for on Amazon Kindle for £4.99. Looking forward to your review!    

£4.99 on Amazon
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What is 'The Personal Board of You Inc' all about?

Whether you are just starting your first job, are under-going a career transition, or are an established senior executive or an entrepreneur embarking on a new journey, this book will give you a new perspective to help you progress. You will find general ideas on how to:

  • Approach your professional development
  • Expand your network
  • Build a personal advisory board
  • Develop your brand

And practical guides on how to use your personal advisory board to:

  • Develop your career strategy
  • Secure a pay rise
  • Get promoted
  • Become an entrepreneur
  • or help with any of your life's ambitions

You'll get practical advice gathered both from my own personal experience and from others who have created Personal Boards. You will be able to build, develop and operate your own Personal Board and see yourself accelerate towards your goals.

How do I secure a promotion? career strategy
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Five tasks to create your Personal Board of advisors

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Tribeni Chougule, Diversity Leader

Tribeni Chougule, Diversity Leader

"The concept of a Personal Board was alien to me. However, it has now become apparent that it could play a critical role in achieving my career vision, especially now that I am pursuing a portfolio career."

Jules White, Founder Creativa

Jules White,


"Five Stars! I hadn't heard of the Personal Board concept before and, being new to entrepreneurship, I am now using this concept to build my support network and customer base."

Genevieve Martin, Senior Tech Leader

Genevieve Martin,

Senior Tech Leader

"Sage advice, delivered in a structured and methodical way. For both the young and tenured professionals who want to create opportunity through their network."